Starting in the 2018 season the board of directors have set certain criteria for track records after the repave and to have an official procedure regarding the way a timed lap is set and verified.

Please be aware of the process and keep track of your laps. Unfortunately there is no window that pops up anywhere to tell us we have a record (yet) so it is up to our racers to take notice and take action to make sure your kart is properly checked during all post tech inspections. Have your kart checked with the tech director of the day to make sure your official. See steps below.



  • 2018 Season or later timed laps during qualifying are eligible for the track record list.

  • Racer is responsible to make sure post tech checks are completed.

  • Racer is responsible for notifying club officials of lap time for proper recording.

  • Kart and engine must be class legal spec.

  • Kart and engine must fall within a sanctioned kart class as stated in club or sanctioning body rules.

  • Kart and engine must pass all post race inspections for the day. 


CLASS                             RACER NAME                DATE                LAP TIME
JR1 BRIGGS 206             WILLIAM GINN             July 8, 2018        20.317

JRD2 BRIGGS 206          BODEN BARNWELL     July 8, 2018        19.998

SR4 BRIGGS 206/370 lbs     MYLES PEDERSON      May 20, 2018      20.545

WORLD FORMULA  SR     JEFF SHAWVER            April 28, 2019     20.316

WOW                               JENIFER GALVAN          May 20, 2018       20.911

TAG                                  BRYAN ORING               July 8, 2018         19.039

100CC                              TIM DOYON                   April 28, 2019      19.411

125 SHIFTER                  MYLES PEDERSON       May 20, 2018      17.394

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