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March 16th    SRK track clean up day at 10 a.m. We could use any and all help. Bring some gloves, drink and 
                       a lunch. 

April:  Test & Tune and track work day TBD but will be one of the first two work weekends. 

May        4th:  Saturday, No practice until Kart Idaho racing and trophies.  Then come on over to SRK for                                practice for Sundays Race. Practice will be available on Friday. Times TBD.
               5th:  Race #1 & 2
 SRK Sunday with Double Mains

June   1 & 2:  SIK Race #1&2 @ Kart Idaho. This is Idaho's own 3 track Championship series with 3                                         weekends totalling 6 days of racing to crown South Idaho Karting champions. A new SIK tab                           coming soon to this web site. If you are a regular at SRK or Kart Idaho, you only need two                                 extra weekends of racing to be eligable for the championship! 

June  22-23:   SRK Race  #3&4 and SIK Race 3&4 Double Header weekend. Racing both Saturday and                                    Sunday for SRK and SIK points. Friday Practice times to be determined.  

July   20-21:   SIK Race #5&6 At the Motorplex @ the Mill! This is the points final for the SIK series at the                                newest Idaho track. The consensus last season was this track was fun! 

July   27-28:  Larry Kurpiewski & Doug Lindemood Memorial 2 day race. SRKs most cherished race!
                       Friday the 26th Practice with times TBD. Individual club points each day and overall weekend                           trophies up for grabs!
                       Saturday Race #5, Saturday night bbq, gas powered blender and drinks. Come share                                         memories of Larry & Doug and stories from the past. A great time had by all. Details to come!
                       Sunday Race #6, Results for Day one and Day two overall will win the
 Larry K and Doug L.                               Trophies in Shifter and the the highest count Sr 4 cycle class.

August:         Summer Break at SRK, Practices available TBD.

Sept  6, 7, 8
:   Spud Cup, Motorplex at the Mill! See Kart Idaho Web site. The Largest gathering of Karts in                              Idaho. 

Sept      22:
   Race #7&8 SRK Championship final double main Sunday. Saturday practice times TBD.

Oct         ?:    Tentative and may change, SRK FUND DAY or RAIN MAK UP DAY.
                       SRK fun day, come out for fun unique races, open practices, put friends and family in karts, 
                       bring someone to the track that wants to get in to the sport!



Check the schedule and Facebook regularly for updates and additions!

Race Weekend Time Schedule

Specific Details for race events may differ from daily Schedule Below.


                Pre-Race Day Registration and Practice

10:00 am – 2:00 pm (May not apply to double event weekends)

           Day of Race 7:30 am – 9:15 am


RaceDay Schedule:

 Gates Open at 7, final registration check in at 8.           

            Mandatory Drivers Meeting: 8:30 am
            Practice: 9:15 am
           Lunch: 30 minutes
           Qualifying: 3 min sessions
           Heat Race
           Awards after last class finishes ​

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