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Club Practice 

If you are in need of a practice date not listed, please use the contact link above. 

Practices are always held the day prior to regularly scheduled club races. Be sure to check the race schedule


PLEASE PLAN AHEAD! Keep in mind that it may not be possible to accommodate last minute requests.

Club members approved by the board will be officiating during club scheduled practices and verification of the practice will be noted on the schedule.

If the date of practice doesn’t show to be official on the website it will NOT be a practice day. Please contact us via the contact tab above with questions.


Practice officials 

Please make arrangements to drop all post practice paperwork and money off with Katey O'Brien, the day of the practice. 

Practice day official is responsible for filling out all paperwork and accounting for days funds.

EVERYONE ENTERING THE PIT AREA must purchase a pit pass for $10.00. If you are operating a kart on a practice day the cost will be $10.00 (includes pit pass fee) for members and $20.00 (includes pit pass fee) for non-members. All must sign the liability waiver (driving or not). If you are in the pit area without a pit pass or enter any Snake River Karters property without the consent of a Snake River Karters representative it will be deemed as trespassing. Parents of minors (under 18, driving or not) must fill out a "Parental consent, release and waiver of liability, assumption of risk, and indemnity agreement." This only needs to be done once for the season (CURRENT YEAR MINOR REQUIREMENTS MAY VARY FROM DATE OF THIS POST, ASK YOUR REGISTRATION OFFICIAL.)

Any club member found to be in violation of any club rules will be subject to termination of club membership, privileges and rights to any racing.

Additional Practices may be scheduled, Keep an eye on Facebook for post! 

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