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FUN DAY/FART KART NATIONALS UPDATE!...We are nearly to the official end to the season. #1 We will have open practices available for family, friends and potential racers and some fun game type races for all ages (pending turn out). #2 I have a few folks that would like to try things out and figure out what they want to buy for next season. If you can bring a kart for folks to try, get with me so I know we have some volunteers for the following.. kid kart (age 6 child), A junior one age 11, could do a jr2 for someone under 5 ft, and a senior kart able to accommodate someone 6'1" to try out. #3 We will be having a bbq track/extension fund rasier for the club with simple burgers and or dogs and simple sides. We'd love to see some turn out for that. I'd love to see some end of season support and turn out and thank you in advance for helping to grow the club, improve it's facilities and the Kart racing community for 2023! Please look through all of the updates in the threads below and on the other SRK facebook pages as well as the BLG pages for schedule and registration. See you this weekend. IF YOU ARE BRINGING A MINOR, MAKE SURE A LEGAL PARTENT IS PRESENT TO SIGN A MINOR CONSENT FORM PLEASE!