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TIRE UPDATE 5-8-2024

Due to supply issues on new compound and excess stock at Kart Idaho on SKH compound we will be updating the tire rules. Also SRK and Kart Idaho are trying to stay aligned on tire rules to make it easier on the racers to race both tracks.

  • SRK General 2024 Tires are as follows. World Formula and 100cc on Evinco SKH (Same compound as last year) Kid kart is still open, all other classes allow SKH or SKH2(new compound).

  • June 1&2 SIK race at Kart Idaho will be only SKH compound. 

  • Compounds will be evaluated in June for any additional changes. 


Due to limited supplies of clutch gears for the Honda kid kart engine, gearing may differ from original rules. Contact a club officer for details but if you cannot achieve the posted ratio from our rules, get close and let us know where you are with front and rear gears. 

Rule Book Updates, Check regularly!

2024 Rule book update 5-8-2024

Snake River Karters By Laws

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