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Final 2013 Points

The points standings for 2013 have been updated.


SRK Bylaws

The SRK Bylaws have been published to the website and are in the Rulebook section.


Raffle Update - Winner! Winner!

The SRK club members were able to sell all 200 raffle tickets for the go kart we are giving away.

The winner was ticket # 103 - Mike Reams. CONGRATULATIONS!


Thanks to all that helped sell tickets. This was a great opportunity to raise $2000 for track updates.

Thanks again to the Kinghorn family for donating the go kart.



MG Tire Update!

Larry Robb generously donated his (rounded up!) profits of $2000.00 to the club for the 2012 season sales.  Please thank Larry in person and by pre-ordering your tires for the 2013 Season. You can contact Larry via the E-mail below. 

Larry's shop is in Ontario so there will be no tax and NO extra freight on the purchase. You most likely won't find them cheaper.  Thanks Larry, good price on tires and proceeds going right back to our track...that's awesome! 

MG is the only 2013 Club tire (besides kid kart and Rotax) this year to fall in line with Region 6 Gold cup

and in keeping with the spirit of competition! 

The prices are as follows

Set of 4 4.50 REDS ( JR1) $205.00

Set of 2 4.50 and 2 6.50 REDS  (Jr2 and all senior 4 cycle) $215.00

Set of 2 4.50 and 2 7.10 YELLOWS (shifter/rotax/tag/2stroke, note: rotax series rules are Mojo, can run either at SRK) $220.00 

Kid kart is open tire rule.

Send Larry an e-mail to order, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  and please put "Tire Order" in the subject heading.


Web site log on issues??

Please let me know if you have errors, not approved status or password issues. I can update your password and or approve your registration.

What can logging on accomplish?

  • You can post to classified adds.
  • Modify a profile and personal information.
  • Find other club members and contact information.

If you have any questions please contact me.


Jeff Shawver

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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