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Update from Rules and Scheduling BoD Meeting

Quick update from the Board of Directors meeting for rules and scheduling….

No real serious rule changes, just spent a lot of time cleaning them up and attempting to eliminate redundancy and ambiguity.

Pending a final board vote it is looking like we will have 8 races and 1 throw-away race this season. Will post the dates when finalized. In order to have 8 races we are actually scheduling the 8th race on what would normally be the “Rainout day/Fun day” What this would mean is if any of the races are rained out, we would not have a rain make-up day. 2013 was the first time we have had a rainout in several years so may not be so risky and is the only way we could fit in 8 races.

SRK is staying with MG tires which is aligned with Region 6 Gold Cup.

That is about it for now…


Club Meeting First Tuesday of every month

At Casa Mexico on Fairview and 5 Mile. (10332 W Fairview Ave)

Best to arrive between 6:30 - 6:45 pm.

Meeting starts usually at 7:00.

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Classified Ads

In the past we have had a few intermittent issues with posting ads. This seems to be working now. Just log in and post anything you want to sell that is kart related. I am watching for ads that need to be published on an almost daily basis and will publish your ad when I see it.


Fund Raiser Projects

Special thanks to Dale Smitchger for donating the proceeds of his sprinkler blow-out project to SRK for track improvements. Many SRK members had Dale blow out their sprinklers and he donated the proceeds to the club. This amounted to $480. Thanks again Dale for your hard work

The idea behind this fund raiser was to utilize a skill that can be offered for sale and donate the profits to the club. We have many talented club members who may have skills they can sell to do other fundraising projects. (e.g. Computer Repair, Auto Mechanic, Seamstress, the list could go on and on…) Something to think about……

Ray Smith shared another fundraiser project with the club members at the last club meeting. This project is still in the planning stage and will be at Fastlanes Indoor Kart Racing so you know it will be fun. More details to come so keep an eye on this website.


Final 2013 Points

The points standings for 2013 have been updated.


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