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2015 Sprint Points Posted

The final points for Sprint Racing at Snake River Karts have been posted.

This was another fantastic year!

The Oval (Speedway) points have also been posted.


SRK Website Login Feature Disabled

ATTENTION: The User Login feature of this website has been disabled. If you need to place an Ad, do so on the SRK Facebook page. The current ads will continue to run through the remainder of this year but most likely the ads feature of this website will soon be disabled completely. SRK will still post important news including race schedules, rules, points etc.. on this website.


Race #8 News

Race # 8 on Sunday October 11th, will be the final race of the Snake River Karters Season. There are some tight battles going on for end of the season points. For example, check out the Jr 2 class. There are only 2 points separating 1st and 2nd place for the season. It could easily come down to the last lap.

This also marks the 3rd and final race for the oval classes. The final Oval races will happen Saturday October 10th in the late afternoon. (We expect to start the Oval races at 3:00)

Should be a fun and exciting weekend!

The SRK Sprint points have been updated. Follow this link to see the points.



IKF & Briggs Updates

The following are some links to some rule updates.

LO206 Exhaust Update

LO206 Spring Update

April IKF rule clarifications (2015)



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