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Track Updates

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August SRK Meeting Date Change

Members of Snake River Karters, Officers & Board of Directors:

Our regularly scheduled Snake River Karters meeting is approaching on Tuesday August 5th, 2014. This meeting conflicts with the IKF Grand Nationals being held the same week in Medford, Oregon. A good portion of our club Members, Officers and Board of Directors will be absent. With the various topics planned, the regularly scheduled Snake River Karters meeting will be changed to the following week to ensure we have a full leadership team available.

Thursday August, 14th - Casa Mexico 7:00pm

Your attendance and participation is encouraged as always during the club meeting and you are welcome to observe the Snake River Karters, Board of Directors meeting. Hope to see you there!

Ray Smith
2014 Snake River Karters President
2014 Snake River Karters Board Member


July Race Press Release

See this link for a PDF of the latest press release


First Race Report - New Track Records!

New Track Records Set at Newly Re-Paved Glen Morgan Raceway

Opening weekend at Glen Morgan Speedway just north of Star, ID is now in the books. The Father’s Day Classic is complete! The new pavement delivered as promised with growing kart classes and long absent drivers came back to the Snake River Karters (SRK) facility! Names like, Tim Ross, Sting Ray Robb and others made their return to the technical sprint track. The inaugural laps were made on Saturday during practice and track officials held the ribbon cutting ceremonies on Sunday morning.

Long standing track records fell to very fast times in most of the classes as the newly laid pavement held the MG tires to the racing surface like never before. Although the configuration is basically the same, the surface is smoother, faster, and delivers a completely different feel with the new updates. Many drivers recognized the changes to the famous “Hair Pin” corner where karts can use the progressive banking to ‘hang it all out’ on the outside of their competition. A silky smooth transition onto the straight from a banked, downhill, left hand, 2.8g lateral corner made for passing, the newly named “Foster” sweeper can be viewed as one of the best racing corners in the North West.

SRK produced growth in each of the kart classes from 2013. Very exciting racing on Sunday began with drivers attempting to master the new entry and exit points during practice. One driver found air underneath each of his four tires as he exited the “S” corners and launched onto the unused center of the back stretch infield. Each class provided the line of spectators on the outer fence and grandstands a different perspective. From the small and affordable Kid Karts to the fast and loud Rotax and 125cc Shifter Karts, fans were treated to fantastic racing action!

Eighteen 125 Shifter karts registered for the event. It is very possible to have twenty or more for the next event in July, which is typically the largest event of the season in the 125 Shifter class. The return of the 1/8 mile oval in the center of the track saw some tight four cycle racing action. The track will continue to be updated with more curbing, paint, and many other exciting improvements! Driver Point Standings will be updated soon.

James O’Brien
Snake River Karters
Media Communications Coordinator
Phone (208) 863-7319
Fax (208) 936-3321


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