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Final 2014 Points Posted

The 2014 SRK points have been posted to the SRK website. These are the final official points for 2014 after undergoing two independent audits. For those who have been patient with us while we audited the entire year we thank you.

What a very competitive year this was. There were some very tight races which was another reason we wanted to audit the entire year. Here are some of the highlights of the tight races:

Only 5 points separated 2nd from 3rd in Jr1.

Only 13 points separated 1st and 2nd in Jr2.

Only 1 point separated 1st from 2nd in Sr. World formula.

Only 10 points separated 2nd from 3rd in Rotax/Tag.

Only 1 point separated 1st from 2nd in Shifter and only 10 points between 3rd and 4th.

Only 11 points seperated 2nd from 3rd in SR4.

 (NOTE: SR4 points updated on 11/7/14 for Excel calculation error)

We will have some news out shortly concerning the awards banquet and general meeting coming up Saturday December 6th.


See us on Facebook

Snake River Karters have a new Offical Facebook page.

Check it out at this link.


2014 Combined Sprint & Speedway Rules

NOTE: The rules for 2015 are being worked on and will be posted when done and will reflect that they are the 2015 rules.

Download PDF Containing 2014 Combined Sprint & Speedway Rules Here (Revised 8/14)


125 Shifter Karts Promotion

Newly Paved Glen Morgan Raceway

promotes growing class of 125 Shifter Karts


Download Complete Press Release Here


SRK Strategic Plan

The SRK Board of Directors and officers have come up with a new document outlining the SRK Strategic Plan.

Click HERE to check it out. 


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