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Update from Rules and Scheduling BoD Meeting

Quick update from the Board of Directors meeting for rules and scheduling….

No real serious rule changes, just spent a lot of time cleaning them up and attempting to eliminate redundancy and ambiguity.

Pending a final board vote it is looking like we will have 8 races and 1 throw-away race this season. Will post the dates when finalized. In order to have 8 races we are actually scheduling the 8th race on what would normally be the “Rainout day/Fun day” What this would mean is if any of the races are rained out, we would not have a rain make-up day. 2013 was the first time we have had a rainout in several years so may not be so risky and is the only way we could fit in 8 races.

SRK is staying with MG tires which is aligned with Region 6 Gold Cup.

That is about it for now…