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Who Karts?

Karting is a sport for all ages!  From young children to Grandmas, everyone can go karting.  Karting is relatively inexpensive and a great family activty.  Karters are carefully placed into classes that are appropriate for their skill level, and as they get better, they can progress through the ranks.  Around the world, karting is used as a stepping stone to the ultimate in motorsports, Formula One.  Plenty of Nascar drivers and Indy Car drivers are also karters!  Every year in Brazil, some of the top pro racers in the world gather for a charity Karting event!

So who Karts? 

For starters, Lewis Hamilton was the 2008 Formula One World Champion.  Hamilton got his start racing karts, his amazing skill and determination caught the eye of the McLaren Mercedes F1 team, and at just 12 years of age, he became one of their development drivers.