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Safety Rules


Updated 2-1-2013

  1. All karts must pass a pre-race inspection before being allowed on the track. Safety requirements are per IKF. Any kart caught on the track before being inspected will be DQ’ed for the day. You will not be passed on tech until all issues addressed.
  1. It is the responsibility of the driver to make sure his/her kart and driving gear are inspected and their tech card filled out before entering the track.
  2. All number panels will be as per IKF, 4 each 9” x 7” panels or flat decals, white panels with black numbers or black panels with white numbers. AS per IKF.
  3. Always locate and be aware of where the safety crews are located. Where the fire extinguishers are located. Where the paramedics are located at all of the tracks you go to.
  4. NO DRIVING THROUGH THE PITS. All engines must be shut off at the PIT STOP LINE. Karts must be hand pushed onto the scales.
  6. NO DRIVING ON THE TRACK WHEN RACES ARE OVER. For the safety of track officials, spectators and racers karts are not allowed on the track after races have been completed.
  7. Helmets must be worn at all times by people using scooters, skateboards, etc.
  8. No scooters, skateboards, etc. allowed on the race grid from start of practice until races are over for the day.
  9. No dogs allowed on the race grid from start of practice until races are over for the day.
  10. All dogs in the pits must be on a leash and under the control of their owner, which includes control of barking dogs.
    1. All entrants are expected to use every precaution to avoid injury to drivers, attendants, spectators, etc. Extreme care should be exercised where a driver is injured in an accident. Please wait for officials or an EMT to arrive before any attempt is made to move a driver. If a kart is resting on any part of a driver, use extreme care in relieving pressure of the kart from the driver.
    2. Any driver involved in a red flag accident is required to check with on site medical staff before returning to the track.
      1. Members that bring non member persons to the race track for practice will enforce all above safety rules. Failure to abide to track safety will be subject to suspension from club and/or termination of track privileges. Incidents of abuse should be documented and presented to SRK board of directors.
      2. NON MEMBERS using track facilities without authorization and SRK member present will be considered trespassing.
      3. Members are responsible for all accompanying guest non members entering the track facilities to comply with all safety rules, and having the attendees sign the release waiver. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in membership revocation.
    1. Full-face proper fitted helmet designed for racing with integral face shield (no goggles). Snell M2005, Snell SA2005, SFI 31.1, SFI 41.1, or newer standards of the same type as they become available. Long hair must be well secured and kept under helmet or jacket. AS PER 2013 IKF RULES.
    2. Youth Helmets for drivers under the attained age of 12 must meet one of the above standards or the Snell K98. Youth 24.1 helmet expires 12/20/2012. 31.2a and 41.2a Expires 12/20/2013.
    3. All drivers must wear heavyweight leather, vinyl, or nylon approved abrasion resistant jacket or suit specifically designed for kart racing. NO Nomex suits will be permitted, as they are not abrasion resistant.
    4. Gloves must be worn by all drivers. No open finger gloves allowed.
    5. Shoes must be of high top design and socks are required.
    6. Use of a racing neck collar (roll) / Head and Neck restraint is mandatory. As per IKF.
    7. All drivers are strongly advised to wear a protective mouthpiece and rib protector.
    8. Earplugs are strongly recommended for all drivers and pit crew in the hot pit area.
    9. Safety equipment is accepted at the discretion of the tech official, board of directors, or promoter
    10. Every entrant must have in their possession in the pit area a fully charged dry powder fire extinguisher of 1.5 lbs. capacity and a 1st. aid kit.
    11. Chest Protector for all juniors under 12 years old. Per IKF rule spec. 20.1 sfi certified.
    12. All race day rules apply to practices.