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About us

Here is a PDF version of the following:


Dated:  February 3rd, 2014

Strategic Plan


What we aspire to be known for in 5 years.

“A quality, thriving member driven karting club, having fun and producing champions of all skills levels.”


What we must do daily to achieve our Vision.

“Conduct fun, competitive events in a safe, helpful, friendly family atmosphere while developing our membership and managing the club’s financial and legal affairs in prudent, open fashion.”

Operating Principles:

Rules of Thumb to guide our decision making & actions.

  • Member Driven—For the Members by the Members
  • Fair , Factual, Responsible, & Accountable
  • Open & Honest—Timely Communication & Fair Decision Making
  • Financially Prudent – Short & Long Term
  • Affiliative – with the Motorsports & Greater Community
  • Progressive—driving for tomorrow, trying new approaches
  • Environmental—Respecting Mother Nature

 Strategic Imperatives:

The key initiatives to improve delivery of our Mission & Vision

  1. Implement Strategic Planning: Professionally track and report not just our financials but all metrics relating to the attainment of our imperatives, mission, and vision.
  2. Improve the facility to Regional Quality: Determine our objectives, gaps, estimate costs, and build a time phased capital plan and action plan to deliver upon these.
  3. Drive Revenues:  Set and deliver upon tactics to increase membership and fundraising while ensuring our fees are a competitive reflection of the SRK experience.
  4. Rationalize Costs: Identify cost drivers and rationalize our expenditures in relation to value.